1. M

    FaTaN FaceIt banned?

    Just wondering why FaTaN is banned on FaceIt when there are tons of us using his settings? Is it the same person and if so, did he get banned by using LeagueCheats? https://www.faceit/en/players/FaTaN
  2. Jimster480

    Site Downtime

    Hey there, Site was down due to some issues with the former Admin. He attempted to sabatoge the site in light of recent decisions to let Fatan go from staff. We have solved the issues in the back end for now and removed access to those who have offended the site. We have also upgraded a few...
  3. iskA

    Jimster thanks for LeagueCheats

    I will tell briefly about LeagueCheats I used cheat much. And all had some shortcomings. I long looked for chit for Lang and have written to this mar1k and he has advised me LeagueCheats. I long thought upon purchase given Cheats, and have decided. I play since March 22 and it is the best aimbot...
  4. Twilight Wolf

    List EPS

    Guys, please make screenshot of the ESP List. I want to know how it's looking.
  5. N


    I tried to sell my steam account and I sent a PM to fatan but still no answer after days... what did I do wrong? I just wanted a middleman...
  6. Babam

    ESL Ban evade

    Hello,I'm going to buy your awesome league cheat in a near future :D but I have been banned on esl. I really don't want to wait 1 more year.Is there any way that I can evade that ban? I just know that I'll probably need new hard drive but is there anything else? I have a new account either and...
  7. N

    CS GO Pre-sale questions

    Hi, I'm planning to buy your cheat, but I have feq questions before I do that. How easy is it to set up a hack? Does non league version support Faceit?
  8. C

    Sound ESP

    Hey guys, my subscription to another provider is about to run out and I've heard great things about LC. I live in a house with some buddies so I can't use chams/walls. Are there any upcoming plans for a sound ESP?
  9. V

    ESP Work For CEVO?

    Did the ESP work for Cevo ??