1. Aleixo

    Buy phone numbers steam?

    hey, does anyone know if its safe to buy phone numbers for example on the site "", i wanted to know if I can get vac banned, cause im not sure if its one number for each user, or one number for different users
  2. xans

    boltz replace felps on SK

    What's your thoughts on that? According to HLTV felps has been benched due to his personal life (missing family etc), that's why he's been performing so badly last couple months. Boltz in addition has been really good lately with a high K/D/R almost every match. For me, that's a good move, SK...
  3. Birka Brokus

    Hurricane Ophelia

    As the Miami hurricane has ended a new one has started close to Portugal and is now hours away from Ireland, this is the strongest hurricane to hit Ireland within 60 years, Cat 2 Hurricane and the fact i've never seen one in person or been in between a hurricane, Hoping everything it will be...
  4. Jimster480

    LeagueCheats Setup / Development Delays

    Hey everyone, As many of you know I live in Miami. We are currently bracing for possible impact of Hurricane Irma, I will do my best to remain connected here to process things as much as I can. If / When I am knocked offline @ToX will be filling in for setups and other things (albeit at a slower...