faceit ac

  1. W

    What does Faceit AC ban?

    So i was hvh and forgot to turn faceit AC off. What does it ban? I changed my GPU, CPU, RAM and bought new SSD, my old one is still inserted though. I have changed IP and im using ethernet instead of wifi now. I reinstalled windows too, will create a new steam account. Is there anything else I...
  2. P

    Legue Cheats - Faceit

    Siema. Czy League Cheats działa na Faceit AC ? Bo zamierzam się trochę wspomóc. Od jednych słyszałem, że lc działa na faceit ac ale przy zakupie wersji pro widać czerwony krzyżyk przy faceit
  3. O

    CSGO cheat

  4. Joao Pacheco

    Faceit multiple ban account policy

    Hello guys... A couplay of weeks ago ive played 1 game on a friends account on my pc (with AC) on Faceit. But now, im afraid that, if i play on mine again, ill get banned for multiple account. Does anyone know how this multiple account shit happens and if its safe to play on my acc again (Ive...