1. xans

    Remember when I said I was lucky?

    So... @ToX advised me to stop, but you know how gambling works FROM $5 TO $410 BOIIIISS Ps: I know I have problems, but well, it turns out I'm pretty fucking lucky apparently.
  2. K

    Interview with cheat developer Supex0

    I found it today on the internet so i decided to share it for you guys. Enjoy article!
  3. sekko

    Faceit Client ?

    Haia! Just gonna ask if anyone knows if i can use LC even though i got my faceit client installed on my pc. Is it enough to just close down Faceit client ? Or do i have to like uninstall everything?
  4. N

    Can LC trigger Untrusted ban?

    This question has been answered to me over support ticket by Virus. I apologize to make this thread, but here's something I am very curious about. Virus said the hack does not cause any Untrusted ban or VAC as of now. However he mentioned that If I get Overwatched it will trigger a VAC Ban. I...