1. NishJunkie

    I'm 26, she's 12, she wants me, what do I do?

    Been playing CSGO with a women.. I'm up to level 26, but she's only level 12.. She really wants me in her clan to boost her.. What should I do KappaPride
  2. nitec0re

    VacWare community summed up in one SS

  3. panzer

    How i improve my AIM on CS go :P

    This is the best way to improve the aim :D hahahaaha (ps: its me shooting.. with all copyrights) I miss the 1911 on cs go, someone agree with me ?
  4. anotherlegend

    how 2 get Overwatch banned for urs skills

  5. anotherlegend

    1v5 clutch (9lvl faceit)

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