1. J

    Faceit anti cheat

    Faceit anti cheat work nów?
  2. Dowiie

    Easy 4k Mirage

    Easy 4k on Mirage, no Wallhack used. Nothing special. When i upload it to YouTube the quality are bad as fuck why? when i watch it on my computer its crisp and nice, why?
  3. sekko


    Hello, i had to make a thread since there's no support in the live chat. Every time i try to save my settings it asks me if i want to delete the current savings bla bla.. And then i press YES and it still doesn't save the settings and it removes the shortcut to the hack. I've tried rebuilding...
  4. iskA


    This person says that cheat shit: ( The best cheat LC<3
  5. VladimirPutin

    Xyp9x aimlock @ MLG

    Kinda funny how it locks on the body and stays on it untill hits one of the bones.