1. ex0dus

    LC Frags

    somehow deleted a post i just made cause im fucken retarded. I decided to *semi* finish the frag that Resolved posted the other day (i say semi cause there are a few errors in the video that i couldnt be bothered fixing) If any LC admin / moderator wants a frag movie or cinematic done send...
  2. O

    Discord - Greatest place to gather everyone in a non toxic way

    Have you moderators thought of starting a discord channel. its like this forum buy way more easily to talk and support eachouther:) ?
  3. Xuniku

    Forum Suggestion

    I suggest we should add chat box withing the forum page just for vip's only to talk haha . I know that this might be dangerous haha idk just suggestion no harm pl0x :(
  4. knock


    I think a Chatbox is missing here on the website, It would be great to be able to chat directly with each other here on the website what do you think?
  5. N

    Suggestion for LC

    I think everyone would appreciate a LC discord channel, for general communication and such. Anyone agree?