1. N

    Got VAC banned 9 days ago

    hi guys, just letting you know i haven't played CS since the banwave and my main account got banned 9 days ago so 3 months delayed.. https://imgur.com/Bk3B1dp it's just for general info as i have no intention of playing CSGO anytime soon. I wanted to thank Jimster and ToX for the cheat it was...
  2. chimichangas

    Brax aka Swag is coming back???

    Brax got unbanned from ESL, your thoughts? https://clips.twitch.tv/FilthyObliqueCasetteTheTarFu
  3. Thomisk

    Valve fixed reportbots

    Oh my god,matchmaking will be more dead,than it ever was. Valve fixed reportbots as i read. Spinbotters with rage cheats will be everywhere. :P Well,but LC will destroy them all,even when they have rage cheats. But rip legit guys on nonprime. xD
  4. S

    2 Aces on my smurf

    All that HLAE shit didn't work for me so I just said fuck it and didn't bother.
  5. JunkMan

    5 HEADSHOTS USP Ace on Inferno

    Early morning ESEA pug.