1. Q

    shortcut must be on destkop?

    hello i have one answer guys. I want to inject lc on lan tournament. I have shortcut - this shortcut must be on desktop? or can i put this to the same folder with cheat?? Why on all guides(lan inject guides), you tell to give shortcut on desktop??
  2. thegame

    buying a Laptop

    Hello all am planning to sell this beast to buy a laptop 1500-2000$ is the budget. Any suggestions ? PUGB DOTA 2 CSGO BF COD are the games that I play it should have SSD - and all the extra shit please post links with info. Thanks.
  3. C

    Do I need a USB?

    I was wondering if I need a USB to use this cheat ? Or can I have in desktop
  4. alchenda

    PC to run arma?

    Hey, thought I'd reach out to you all for an affordable PC build that is able to run Arma at stable 30-60 frames in multiplayer. I know 60 frames in a multiplayer server is a lot to ask for hence the 30-60 range. thanks