1. A

    How to uninstall cheat safely?

    I'm probably not eligible for a refund since I have used the cheat, but how do I uninstall it then? I want every trace of it gone from my PC.
  2. Fedda

    valve again....

    Someone know how long it takes before valve respond to a reply to a ticket?
  3. Z

    ESEA type of question.

    Now i got this friend that asked me to play ESEA with him and if i turn him down he might think i'm hiding something so let's say i delete the cheats off pc and download ESEA client would i get vacced? like are there traces (i had the hacks on my C drive/only drive i got) (and i did inject...
  4. $nowii

    injected on an other account

    so i injected that cheat called zeus it got cracked on hf its like a skeet paste i injected it on a banned account it is a dll that u inject with a dll injector is there a risk the acc i did not inject this cheat on gets banned?
  5. D

    When u add cheat for eac?

    Hello admins! When u add cheat for eac? I really dont want to buy russian trashcheats )