1. L

    ESEA Question-

    i see that esea is unsupported, does that mean that if i even do use this cheat while playing ESEA i'll be banned for sure, regardless of whether or not i'm being blatant? or does it just mean that there's no guarantee i'm completely safe
  2. vhenujjne

    They like?

    First, sorry for my English, not the best I know. I know it's not a screenshot, but I didnt know where to upload it I made this design -> here in HD: And I wanted to know if they liked it, I did a couple more but it does not raise it, just the same way if they want to...
  3. mathiasvk97

    Post You're Dream Setup!

    I know a little of topic but im excited to se what people come up with :)
  4. B

    about cs 1.6 cheats

    i want to ask, when the cheats start to bypass the eac and if the cheats support on windows 10