1. Joao Pacheco

    Change my country on Faceit

    Hey guys... Do you know can i change my country flag on Faceit?! Or do i need to play 1 game on the country i am currently for it to chang automtically? I already contacted support and waiting for an answer
  2. panzer

    @Panzer and @1337xLeague (aka Kaze) EPIC GAMEPLAY on USA server. REDNECK GOT RETKET BY KAZE - EPIC

    Ok, this day, i was playing with @1337xLeague on a USA server. Some redneck guy (cheating hard) was talking shit, our ping was like 110. THEN.... on ts with Kaze ive sayd "lets see if social engeener Works " .. North américa memes lol
  3. Kuso

    Geo-Locked CSGO

    Well, I've used a VPN to buy csgo cheap many times, but this time when I did it, I selected the wrong country by accident. I didn't realize, so I tried to play, and of course, it said that it was the wrong territory. I panicked logged out of steam changed country on my VPN then logged back in...
  4. cameron yelverton

    Help with upgrading my pc

    I would love some help upgrading my pc to a good spec if you would like to help me? If you want to help you can add me on skype @yelviegaming12369. Only thing I know about my PC is that GPU is a AMD radeon hd 6450 and my CPU AMD a4 7300. I know i have ddr3 8 gigs of ram. My main board...
  5. xans

    Country Restriction

    What does actually a high-risk or country we see a lot of disputes or fraud stands for? A country or server with a high percentage of cheaters and bans? Or does that verification is more about the ip provided itself? I know that it's used ip verification to prevent users to bypass the cheat...
  6. K


    hey do u guys know good vpn for free ? I want to move my ip to another country :P Im looking for vpns even with trials for idk 7 days or something.
  7. H


    Hi there is small problem with payment metod psc when i will give my code from psc to you that is not the same country so ??? Thanks for answer and #LOVELCANDSTAFFTHERE.
  8. HyperAim

    MAGA Celebration Thread

    It's almost official. Trump leading electoral college and popular vote. Chances of Clinton winning are near 0%. Meme magic is real; praise our Lord and Savior, Donald Trump.