1. A


    Eac supported? yes/no.
  2. KKUkUr2017


    Just bought vip for 1 month can someone tell me after payment what else i must do ? New subscribers: Remember to link your account to receive VIP access. This means ?
  3. L


    Does it still support faceit (non client version) or not?


    So the thread is closed now? so can i cheat now on faceit client or is it delayed? no one knows if the update is out or what the thread got closed and it shouldve been released already, (Just saying as you shouldnt make eta's when your not sure evryone was hyped etc. )
  5. M

    Bought LC finally

    Hey guys, i just wanted to ask how long it would take to get VIP on the forums after buying it :) edit: oh sry nvm should have read the other threads can get closed NotLikeThis