1. Kin

    Faze stun Astralis 3-0

    Just when you thought Astralis was going to win. They even lost overpass to Faze XD I bet people lost a lot of skins haha
  2. eddy815

    no activation ??? please

    hi, Can you activate my account ?? Suscribe yesterday : 24h. I see your email in spam box today 11h00. I write an email at jimster with my pseudo and pass required and no answer. can you resolve this situation. Thx a lot.
  3. W

    FaceIt Visuals Esp

    Hello, Is it possible to use Visuals, or at least Radar or Sound Esp with FaceIt only server side anticheat (not client), using LEAGUE MODE? I mean, I know I can still get banned by reports or admins watching che demo, but I wanted to know if it's at least undetected by server side AC.. Thanks
  4. S

    about the faceit AC

    guys i am not sure if i am suppose to post this here and i am sorry for my english . the faceitAC/EAC will be only for beta testers or after the tests its will be open to all vip members who bought the cheat (leaguecheats) .
  5. Kennedy

    LC all League [best hack]

  6. sekko

    Faceit Client ?

    Haia! Just gonna ask if anyone knows if i can use LC even though i got my faceit client installed on my pc. Is it enough to just close down Faceit client ? Or do i have to like uninstall everything?
  7. uberek1995

    Faceit LC

    Hello . i'm thinking about LeagueCheat for 35 $ . I have few ask about it . It's safe in Faceit? If yes what is proof and what is not (settings) . What about coming soon Faceit AC? Staff has some ideas what next or they gonna support Faceit proof until AC comes out . Sorry for my english is not...
  8. B

    Some questions before purchase

    1) How is the injection process? Does it require you to close steam each reinjection, or is it permanantly in the background until you close it manually or restart computer 2) What exactly is monster trigger? is this like triggerbot psilent? 3) Do you have a triggeraim feature for awps 4) I hear...
  9. K

    Quick Questions

    1. I've heard rumors about when you alt-tab you will receive a crash. Is this true, and when will it be fixed? 2. Will you guys think of implementing Perfect Smoke + Flash Check? (Working half blind, one way smokes.. etc) I did not see this on the feature list. 3. VisibleCheck - Visible...