1. denizrz

    How steam launches the game?

    I made shortcut with D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\steam.exe -applaunch 730 -game, face it anti cheat injects to game. Where i can find shortcut that steam launches actuly cs go or game icon.
  2. Jon18

    Forums fucked?

    Are the forums messed up for anyone else? Like I click messages and it redirects me to the homepage. Or I click on pre sale equestions sub forum and the screen goes white and says it's finished loading. @Jimster480
  3. shizm22

    problems over problems

    hey guys, Jimster send me last day the activation email. but i get no vip access. when i click on the link i get a not filled page. Hope can i fix it, or can a Admin help me. When i try to do a support ticket like in the email i get this...
  4. Koon

    Made Them Rage

    Made Them Rage :D. Ignore the gold nova 1 part, had to rank up this account. Everytime i tried to make this a image it denied it BibleThump
  5. D

    How Do I contact admins?

    says "Please enter a valid message." everytime I try to creat a ticket wtf do u do. Thanks
  6. csgoleader53

    How to activate prime

    any idea how to make my account prime I can't find the Option anywere and I don't already have any accounts prime thanks
  7. cutiecat

    Just purchased.

    So I have the shortcut and whenever I open it nothing happens, it says "waiting for program click ok" I do that but nothing happens, either that or csgo crashes what should I do?