1. Sluqx

    Your "trust factor" matchmaking experience

    Like the title says, I'm curious about your experience with this new kind of matchmaking. Valve themselve say it will improve matchmaking a lot, by simply matching similar types of players together to create a better game experience overall. Do you already see any difference? And if yes, in a...
  2. FD^GoD

    I like ACE with LC :)

    I rekted russian cheaters on first map. Rank GE my score was 40:10 :D
  3. Hantoszi55

    New VAC system, LC Safe?

    Hi, I dont rly know what they added but what about leaguecheats? It's still fine to use it without vacation?
  4. CarlPoppa

    Pretty funny

    Everyone talks about how shitty and asshole cheaters/hackers are but from reading around this forum for awhile everyone seems so nice and respectful lol.