1. LeiseBrödler

    [Report-Bots] What is your opinion/experience?

    Hey! As some of you might have noticed (or know), Valve is more and more concerned to patch Report-Bots but are not working on the Anti-Cheat obviously :D I´ve been using some public reportbots so far - tested some of them with 10 private accounts and reported one of the accounts continuesly...
  2. R

    Major 2018 at Boston is actually an event of cheaters.

    Post under your fishy clips etc. Here is mine clip: watch oskar at 16 sec and 0.25 speed
  3. xl3loodx

    Your "trust factor" matchmaking experience

    Like the title says, I'm curious about your experience with this new kind of matchmaking. Valve themselve say it will improve matchmaking a lot, by simply matching similar types of players together to create a better game experience overall. Do you already see any difference? And if yes, in a...
  4. sebus1315

    We all "love" csgo

    How the fck he can be that blatant and play on semi pro lvl?! loool
  5. FD^GoD

    I like ACE with LC :)

    I rekted russian cheaters on first map. Rank GE my score was 40:10 :D
  6. Hantoszi55

    New VAC system, LC Safe?

    Hi, I dont rly know what they added but what about leaguecheats? It's still fine to use it without vacation?
  7. CarlPoppa

    Pretty funny

    Everyone talks about how shitty and asshole cheaters/hackers are but from reading around this forum for awhile everyone seems so nice and respectful lol.