1. Kyle62

    I dont cheat anymore

    I dont cheat anymore and here is a highlight... Other team had 3 rank A's 1 rank A+, and 1 rank G.
  2. Thomisk

    Can you get banned after specific months ?

    Hi,I was wondering if you can get banned,when you used cheats and then after idk,3 months it get detected,but you didn't used it for that specific 3 months ?
  3. FD^GoD

    LOLYOU cheating?

    For me is 100% aimlock in deagle
  4. Patrick1337

    Zonixx head shoot machine?

    Raw stats Team K (HS) A D K/D K/D Diff ADR FK Diff Rating zonixx ROG zonixx 46 (44) 11 39 1.18 +7 100.1 +7 1.14 46 kills 44 hs on 3 maps What do you think guys? Keepo
  5. D

    vac wave

    Good day, I wonder if the cheater is free of vac wave that happened yesterday, I'm migrating from cheater, mine was intwz and unfortunately lost a lot, thank you.