1. Dawnyy


    I know it's not a cheating video but just wanted to start a channel playing legit and a channel for cheating, don't know when i will start up the cheating channel, also I apologize for it being so bad, I would've made it better but my Sony Vegas kept crashing so I had to use some other shittty...
  2. Fedda

    Allie Sherlock

    Every single member should check her out!!! She is only 12 years old in this video and her voice is so beautiful <3 (No I did not get payed by giving her a shoutout lmao) Her channel :
  3. Get_Right

    after effects intro

    hi guys i will create an youtube channel and i need help for intro... anyone have after effects csgo intro templates free? It does not have to be just csgo template. thanks
  4. Kennedy

    I want to share something for you LC ussers :j

    Good day! Have 32 videos with LC! ;j I wanted to share my channel on YouTube, but many videos are already on this forum, but maybe someone has not seen them yet, so I think it's worth sharing my youtube channel for u guys:) With the help of LC and my personal settings, I achieved: Many skins...