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    Question after buying

    How long would it take before getting the cheat? When I get the cheat, would it be as simple as it showing in the homepage? Thanks :)
  2. E

    got banned on gc, what should i do?

    i already formatted my pc, changed hwid, changed ip, what else can i do? im getting banned when creating new account, never entered my old account
  3. C

    Need help after getting a ban.

    Hello! I recently got hit with a ban on faceit. The reason is "You have been suspended from the platform for cheating, as you were detected by our anti-cheat." Dont know how I got detected by the anti-cheat, since I never used LC while having the anticheat. (I played without cheat once I needed...
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    I have only one question about hack

    Hello dear forum members! I have one question about this software. Is it real that i can use this hack only from one stable IP address? If my IP address will be changed - i cant play with hack. Thanks for answers