1. Dexter Morgan


    Hey guys, faceit client etc. Uses HWID afaik, what hardware do you track? I heard primarily SSD/HDD, but is it only your main drive with windows installed, or every HDD and SSD in your computer? Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  2. Xuniku

    LAN - Need help .

    Recently I went to my first lan and well yea I didn't know PC's at lan were shit . Well basically I set up my csgo , put res to 1280 x 960 but it feels very laggy but when I see other players who uses 1280 x 1024 looks smooth as hell and when they alt tab the native also is 1280 x 1024 . So...
  3. Joao Pacheco

    Change my country on Faceit

    Hey guys... Do you know can i change my country flag on Faceit?! Or do i need to play 1 game on the country i am currently for it to chang automtically? I already contacted support and waiting for an answer
  4. enaldie

    R.I.P. :(

    I wanted to be pro player,but I have +- 15 banned account and most of them are registered on my real name and adress.... Is anything I can do with this or I am done forever?? PS : Can you tell me ALL tournaments that are sponsored by Valve,please? Thank you.
  5. VAULT1909

    Q about faceit ban evasion

    So I got banned from faceit for cheating, thing is is that I'm pretty sure I was manually banned. Afaik the criteria for ban evasion on faceit having being caught by the AC is: New IP New cookies New steam account Fresh windows install. However, do these only apply if you were banned by the AC...
  6. FremFrem

    ESEA ban.

    Hello there. I got banned in March for cheating in ESEA and I will get unbanned in 2019. What I wonder is, is there anyway to bypass this? I have read on different forums, this one aswell. That by changing: Hardware ID IP MAC It will work. I have a new Motherboard, CPU and GPU after I...
  7. VAULT1909

    Faceit ban evasion..

    I've been playing faceit without ac for a while, after ofc being banned on my old. I connect to my public wifi outside on both my laptop and PC and find matches on my laptop, then copy the connect link into my CS. All seems good so far. Is ban evasion more tricky with the AC enabled or is it...
  8. E

    got banned on gc, what should i do?

    i already formatted my pc, changed hwid, changed ip, what else can i do? im getting banned when creating new account, never entered my old account
  9. thegame

    PGL 2017

    Who will win 3 games and who will loose 3 games ? what are you picks and which 8 teams are going on?
  10. G

    ESEA IP Banned

    Hello guys, I've got ESEA ip banned for cheating but is that not possible to get away from that blocklist ip or something? I mean not my account every account i make they gave it a banned, I've tired to change HWID and MAC and IP...... still nothing works
  11. R

    Ip ban

    Hello, i have read that you have a ip block system, i just bought the hack and i am a bit scared that my account will be blocked due to my ip changes every 30 days. Any help?
  12. Sluqx

    Back with some random AWP kills in DM

  13. cutiecat

    awp frags

  14. abbetappe

    Bypass faceit client ban

    Hello, I'm a customer who recently lost my sub but i will resub once faceit proof is out :) But I'm wondering, to bypass ban, what do I need to change? What I can think of is: HWID MAC Adress IP What more? And does a VPN work fine? And best way to change HWID and MAC Adress what's that?
  15. M

    Version switch

    Hello Before i buy this cheat i have question: So if I buy non-league version now will it be possible in the future if I can change this for league version ? (If yes ,how much?)
  16. creat1ve

    CSGO EAC (EasyAntiCheat)

    1- League cheats supports EAC with only aimbot (no wallhack)? 2- It's possible hide the menu of cheat while playing? 3- Always we need to change the FOV for use snipers, pistols and rifles or is predefined? (AWP -FOV3, M4A1 -FOV7....) thanks
  17. BFZ®

    LoL too much head shot but still legit.

    That was i say, this cheat is so ultimate.I feel doesn't waste any time to wait :D,It's feel worthy more than. and anyone are waiting for active truth me Worthy>Waste :) ps. Where should i set an option to HS to much?,i mean about normal kill and some HS kill. Thanks :D
  18. Mar1k

    LeagueCheats - CS:GO Cheats | The Best AIMBOT In The World

  19. JunkMan

    5 HEADSHOTS USP Ace on Inferno

    Early morning ESEA pug.
  20. monroe1

    Important question

    Good afternoon. Tell me please, i can't use LeagueCheats if i have a dynamic IP address?