1. Goofy


    I used to be a customer of Jimster480 in CS 1.6/CSS back in the day for private league builds and reached nearly the top of my country using his shit before finally getting detected. I was wondering if he still makes private league builds and if so how can I get in contact with Jimster480...
  2. Gothaernetcafe

    Some questions

    I have heard about dlights for the wh/esp... what exactly are dlights? it would be great if you could show a screenshot pointing it out Also, if I were to order a private build, would it be a lifetime build? And do private builds get updated too?
  3. K


    As much as i know everyone gets a different build. is there a chance that i won't get banned on esea?
  4. Jimster480

    Updater is down [FIXED]

    Hey all, Due to these massive routing problems of this week the Build server is currently down. For this reason you will be unable to download any builds from the updater server. While that server is up there are no builds on it for you to download. I will attempt to fix this in a couple hours...
  5. Jimster480

    Cheat Update & Site Changes

    Hey all, Cheat updates are out for the CSGO Cheats. More details on those updates specifically are available in the VIP section. All cheats will be updated to our new authentication system algorithms in the next days. Moreover you might have noticed some "partial" downtime on the site...