1. Sui7

    Overwatch cheaters

    Can we please never become these guys when we get hit with a ban wave. I know this video is old but damn it's one of the best. "You've made a powerful enemy" "How do I join anonymous" "Can anyone teach me how to ddosn overwatcher servers" "Maaaaan this is some bullshit I didn't think blizzard...
  2. K

    Cheaters finally sent to prison for 5 years

    Hey. Today i want to share interesting thread about sending cheaters and cheats developers from OW game made by Blizzard to prison for 5 years! Its Copy Pasted from Polish Forum which did that thread so sorry for mistakes if there are some polish words or something is bad translated. What do you...
  3. G


    Any chance you are/will be working on creating some Overwatch Hacks?