1. rtgames1

    Brazilian PRO player CHEATING?

    In the last week this player has become a subject in the main sites of CSGO in Brazil, in the last championships his aim has been giving several bugs to draw their conclusions. He plays in one of the best professional teams of Gamersclub in Brazil. What is your opinion? Vídeos -...
  2. R

    When the proof for faceit will be available...

    LC players xd Im joking, but how its possible to play like that ? There are idiot ? I think a 2 months LC customer know how to play "legit", how these "semi-pro/pro" players are so blatant ?
  3. fmr

    Detailed Review after 24 Hours (With some comparison with competitor)

    I have started using cheat last February. I researched thouroughly about which cheat provider is the best. It came down to just 2 options: Leaguemode and Leaguecheats. Unfortunately I chose Leaguemode first because of a stupid reason. Leaguecheats website is not optimized for mobile browsing, so...
  4. watermarks

    anyone hear of them?

    project7? some guy was going off in one of my esea games saying that hes on the gear.