1. Dawnyy

    CS 1.6 Short Cheating Clip

    DMing in 1.6, never cheated back in the day, but now its only fun with cheats :( anyway enjoy Using Recoil Crosshair and Walls. Also Sorry for the black border, the raw file didn't have audio, but on vegas it did, so i rendered it and forgot to stretched it to remove black border. Hope you...
  2. abbetappe

    Screen turned brown, now when starting computer the screen is black.

    Title. Anyone know any fixes?
  3. X

    Thinking about it, few questions though.

    I heard a lot of great things about this cheat from my friend. How it has really nice security/ looks legit and such. I'm curious about one thing. I'm pretty tight on money. Does LC do any kind of holiday sales or yearly sales I should know about. Cause 240-300$ is steep. Since I want to go in...