1. xUnknown

    Question before buying

    Hello, I've been looking at this cheat and it seems to be a really good cheat. Before I make a purchase I'm curious as to, can this cheat be configured to have silent aim and not be noticeable by the naked eye?
  2. T

    Leaguecheats 3.0 Beta Teaser

    Hi everyone, can I have some feedback? Kappa 0:17 kill <- This guy said "You bant now!" :troll: 0:36 kill <- This guy said "bb steam acc" Kappa
  3. xans

    New Anti-Cheat Status Page Banners

    So today I finished two banners for the anti-cheat status page, which has new informations and take off "uncertain" thoughts on our cheat, with direct and objective texts. League Version Non-League Version
  4. panzer

    Wallpapper work for new LC visual identity - THE BEST

    @xans are helping me with artwork, and he created this awesome artwork! - hes a professional webdesigner, so thats what we can expect from a professional @ToX @Jimster480 @Apache
  5. panzer

    New LC WALLPAPPER black label

  6. albanerendk

    Getting a $200 Knife(Trading) - Suggest me a Knife to buy please :D

    Hey guys! I have $200 in skins ish, so I'll trade everything for a cooler knife on one of those trading websites. Do you know any awesome ones? I was thinking about a flip knife marble fade factory new. It's $198 currently. If you're a legend, you'll attach a picture as well :D
  7. albanerendk

    Santa is here with more clips! Today's theme: SWAG 7

    Hey guys! Today is the day, Santa comes back with more goodies for you dear LC fellas. And let me tell you guys...Let's be honest. There's been whine. There's been rage. Tears, blood and laughter! Laughter mostly coming from me, you guess the rest! muahahah :D :p anyway here it is I have...
  8. B

    most insane editting ever?