1. ogdunderzubbi

    Asus ROG claymore keyboard problems

    Had this keyboard for about 3 months now. No issues what so ever. Then all of a sudden I hear the usb-disconnect sound and it stops working! NotLikeThis Rebooted the pc several times, tried different usb ports. Heard the usb-connected sound but still no response in Asus armoury. Anyone had...
  2. L

    IP Bans

    Hi. I have an account in Leaguecheats which I am VIP. But, my question is: I am at WORK, another internet (different IP from my house). If I use the forums on my work PC (another internet provider and IP), will I get IP banned to use the hack? Or its just for the CLIENT hack? Because on my...
  3. kanske

    Using a ow banned acc's old phone number

    Is it safe to use a phone number on another acc, that was used on a acc that was overwatched. The phone number was removed from the banned acc a couple a months ago.
  4. gml

    Is the BHOP cheat Undetected on GFL?

    The title says it all. I am just wondering if the BHOP cheat is Undetected on GFL Clan community servers? If you have no idea what GFL Clan is just ignore this thread. Thanks everyone! :cool:
  5. A

    Pre sale questions and doubts

    hi guys , so , i staarted cheating with 5 dc ,and within a week got vac banned , then shifted to aim ware damn my luck got hit in the storm of another account then tired inte*w*bz rip my fate and my luck got vacced , i dont know either its my shitty fate or my selection , always getting vacced...
  6. R

    Non-League questions

    Hi, I had the cheat after jimsters re-launched it in like August 2016, Had a good run but eventually VAC banwave, has there been one since? Will I need to wait for activation, I had a sub before as mentioned do I need to change my HWID, I was in a different country before. Thanks
  7. Z

    Query status

    So last time I used this cheat was exactly a year ago. I didn't like it because of bad performance, aimbot and rcs. Has there been made any improvements regarding these points? Is the aimbot and rcs better now? I remember the aimbot locking just above head and it performed terribly. I intend to...