1. L

    What is the telling sign that a friend is cheating?

    So anyone experienced anything people always have in common when you find out about them cheating? From what I have experienced people always get nervous when you ask them about the hitting insane shots and almost always try to make a joke out of it. Like "yeah of cource I'm cheating bro". Just...
  2. feasly

    Why i have to Download Ac-Client

    Hey boiis Long Time Aso i bought Sometimes new steam accs and boosted them to Level 10 or 9 ( untill i have to Download ac-Client). Most Times a had to Download the Client after 10-50games But Now i Need to Download the ac Client after the 1. Game Idk Why i Now have to Download always the...
  3. D

    ESP Question.

    Hey, just curious, could you play with esp on a stream? Is that even possible? Without the other viewers seeing it.
  4. xans

    Any doubt that he is cheating?

    Go to 3:53 and watch this stupid aimlock haha
  5. Get_Right

    wtf is this :D Title...
  6. Xuniku

    Can I get banned with this stats =D

  7. Lucas R

    The demon in my head/wallet

    I have been accompanying LC for some time ... And with this support to GC AC, I have the desire to buy it. But a doubt came to me. If, by chance, GamersClub upgrades your AntiCheat, (happens regularly), what assurances do I have that I will not be banned / detected?
  8. panzer


    Ez Win against semi-pro player (probably cheating) and a popualr streamer girl.... results: REKTED BY ME, LC AND MY FRIENDS FUNNY MATCH ! LOL xD
  9. albanerendk

    Some awesome frags :D

    As always, recorded in real-time. RCS might look a little shaky, was testing lower smooth, on chest hitbox. Just gonna use 8 super again though. Demo will ofc be clean :p
  10. JoeySalads

    Classic Non-Prime MM

    So I was playing non-prime against a couple sinners when this happened. Thats what he gets for using vacware. LC too strong. http://steamcommunity/id/emuhleet64/
  11. knox.ini

    I hope i dont get banned

  12. chimichangas


  13. P

    FaTaN still around?

    as title says i can't seem to enter his profile to watch his wall is FaTan still around? :) he did always help me out with problems and was very friendly just curious
  14. S

    Aimbot Always On

    Is there an option to have the Aimbot always on at a low FOV. I don't AWP and having an Aimbot always on looks most legit when using unscoped weapons.
  15. albanerendk

    4k pistol with awesome reaction :D

    don't you just love when the ppl you play with, react like this to your plays? :D xD
  16. albanerendk

    p2000 4k - WOULD YOU SHOP CHEATING?!?!

    thank u @Jimster480 once again! :)
  17. albanerendk

    OG Song Playlist

    Hey guys! I made a small playlist of just 15 awesome songs. You either really digg it, or just don't like it :P I feel it's always like that with oldschool rap etc. You can listen to them, use them in vids or whatever. I really like them, I hope you do too :D I don't really know what the...
  18. XXKIDDO420XX


    Hey. I just wanna tell all of you guys it was a great fun time with community. etc. Ive done some mistakes with being toxic. and now its time to go. Hope you guys are stil going to own faceit..
  19. T

    What's up with LC? Latest news, proofings for FaceIT,EAC and more! [UPDATED]

    Hello everyone, As you might know in the past few weeks our team were testing new bypasses for FaceIT and EAC (including similar EAC like AC's). All tests successfully passed without single ban. Okay ToX, let's get to the point when it will be released because we are waiting. We can't release it...
  20. O

    Jimster is the REAL OG !

    I have been a lc user for about 7 years now and been a supporter for jimmy for much longer, back when i would be using his SuperSimpleWalls in the #findscrim days (was a cs 1.6 medium for matchmaking back in the mIRC gamesurge days.) I liked how easy it was to use and came across...