1. V


    Hello! Does your aimbot aim through the walls? Is it possible to set it up like that? I would like to use some aimlock that is smooth and customizable (fov etc).
  2. xans

    Any doubt that he is cheating?

    Go to 3:53 and watch this stupid aimlock haha
  3. mins13

    boltz bitch fucking cheater! (Извините за такие эмоции )

    aimlock And those moments are a lot that do not explain
  4. guldkæden97

    Can LC aimlock, lock through walls to get infomation?

    Hello fellas, i watched this video early today, and actually he explained really good how the aimlock works, now i got a question can league cheats do the same as hes cheat in the video? Like aimlock to the person closest to your crosshair, and also through walls? So if u are on lan, u can get...
  5. hahalolwtfbro

    Would this cheat be able to work like an aimlock?

    Basically I might buy this cheat, and the only thing I want to use it for is to aimlock through the wall, so I can gaither information. Is this possible with this cheat? Will it look really smooth?' Also, if possible.. Does it work on all leagues? I mostly play ESL and EAC
  6. M

    LAN cheats

    I've been asking something like this before, but I came to the conclusion that it is possible to cheat on LAN. Now I'm just wondering how you're gonna hide it? I mean, the easy part is to load the cheat I suppose, but when it's loaded, isn't it hard AF to hide? Like hiding that u are holding...
  7. Averageplayer

    the csgo proscene is not cheating

    Shox: <--odd shaking effect <--odd shaking effect <--luck?? <--possibly aimlock Apex: <--odd shaking effect krimz...