1. Michelle

    Skin farm pvpro

    is 2.5 safe to use on ?
  2. shizm22

    problems over problems

    hey guys, Jimster send me last day the activation email. but i get no vip access. when i click on the link i get a not filled page. Hope can i fix it, or can a Admin help me. When i try to do a support ticket like in the email i get this...
  3. J

    How long i should expect to being activated?

    I know there is said 24hr etc and i read all this, but i just was wondering becouse jimmster was online after i purchase but i have not being activated. And last time when i sub leaguemode there was some problem, that i had to contact admin to get my activation. So i wish some admin could tell...
  4. Jimster480

    The updater service is restored

    The updater is working again as usual. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  5. iskA

    Jimster thanks for LeagueCheats

    I will tell briefly about LeagueCheats I used cheat much. And all had some shortcomings. I long looked for chit for Lang and have written to this mar1k and he has advised me LeagueCheats. I long thought upon purchase given Cheats, and have decided. I play since March 22 and it is the best aimbot...