1. ConesWithObama


    i currently have an active esea account on my main and when i get my esea or faceit cheat i dont want to get my main esea banned. To avoid a ban or to get back onto esea(or the faceit client) after a ban, am i right to say i need with: ip (i have a dynamic so not a problem) HWID (i have a...
  2. A

    faceit ban bypass

    hello! i was banned on faceit and now i want to play again. what can i do to bypass multiple account ban? i changed steam, faceit account, ip, hdd and i want to spoof mac address. it is ok to spoof mac address or should i buy another motherboard? i want to play pro so i dont want to get ban.
  3. I

    Faceit ban

    yo i got banned on faceit for cheating (web anticheat) and I have question for u guys how to change IP to avoid ban for ban evasion ? Every response will be much appreciated
  4. K

    I have only one question about hack

    Hello dear forum members! I have one question about this software. Is it real that i can use this hack only from one stable IP address? If my IP address will be changed - i cant play with hack. Thanks for answers