1. T

    GamersClub Update - disponível agora para compra

    Hey all, GamersClub update is out! You can use our newest bypass with League Multi CS:GO subscription. More details how to use it -> WIKI. Support thread (everything related to this bypass) -> VIP What else has been changed? -New pre-registration questions added -Terms and Rules updated...
  2. FD^GoD

    Next CS:GO Update

    Release Notes for 3/24/2017 [GAMEPLAY] – Revolver and Negev have been removed from Competitive Matchmaking as they undergo substantial revision. – Revolver: — Firing delay significantly reduced – Negev: — New attributes to promote suppressive fire. — Reduced price. — New sounds that dynamically...
  3. L

    HUUUGE CS:GO Update 4/28/15!

    For anyone who hasn't seen it:  NEW OPERATION! Since this forum is almost completely dead, we should just socialize about the new update! :D GAMEPLAY Fixed a few cases where reserve ammo was shared between multiple weapons. All weapons now individually...