1. fmr

    1001st Post and My stay in LC.

    As I look up the member page, I see all the hall of famers in LC. Well, the most number of posts, does not show how long you have stayed in LC, but how active you are. From the start, I just wanted to be active too, and be part of that active members list. Here I am, posting my 1001st. Why do I...
  2. M

    Version switch

    Hello Before i buy this cheat i have question: So if I buy non-league version now will it be possible in the future if I can change this for league version ? (If yes ,how much?)
  3. Sliddqvist

    Forum shoutbox instead of IRC/alongside IRC?

    Hey. I think that a forum shoutbox would be generally more active than an IRC channel. Why? Well, for one, you don't have to go to any IRC chatroom, you just chat while you're using the forum. Administration; do you guys think you could add a shoutbox to the forum index and perhaps maybe...