LC3.5 Changelog

The Changelog for the LC3.5 release
LC 3.5 Changelog LSD Aimbot Enabled (Aimbot 2 / 3) - Multi & Up - "Rage/Performance" Aimbot w/ Bone & Vector control - Vector Maker for Aimbot 3 - LSD Aimbot Separate Recoil settings (new for those who have used LSD in the past). - LSD Aimbot Limited to Aimclose 1 - Vischeck w/ Autowall Default (Vischeck 1 only) - Autowall based on gun values - Aimdraw added for LSD (Only use for aimspot Placement & vec building as it slows the aimbot down significantly). Autowall Enabled (Aimbot 1-3) - Multi & ESP Versions - VisESP 6 For "Autowall ESP" Can give you an idea if a gun can penetrate to a player or not. - Autowall for Legit aimbot for "tricky" situations - Autowall on LSD (Performance) Aimbot. - Triggerbot 3 (Triggerbot 2 w/ AutoWall) - TVischeck 3 (Triggerbot 1 w/ AutoWall) - Needs to be done Multi-Config Support - SecondReload key added: This reloads a config of "secondConfig". - Technically could be cascading (Second config file could have a new "secondConfig" and then load a third config) - Initial reload key will reload first config only. New Recoil Menu Added - Control "Standalone recoil" directly. - New "recoilafter" for standalone recoil. - Control key directly so it can be used along side aimbot (not in the same shot, but you could toggle the aimbot on some shots with aimkey and the standalone recoil with another aimkey). This can also be used with aimtime where the aimtime expires and the standalone recoil takes over. - StandAlone recoil values independent of the main recoil values - Removed RecoilType entirely (RecoilType 4 is now the only recoil available in main Legit Aimbot). - Standalone Recoil Type 5 (RecoilType 5) removed entirely. - Windows Sensitivity settings removed (now processed automatically). Misc Changes - Setcursortype 2 (Pro League Exclusive) now Improved. - Aimkey 7 Added (Uses Aimbutton & Aimbutton 2 for double aimkeys) - Triggerkey 7 Added (Uses Triggerbutton & Triggerbutton 2 for double Triggerkey)