Thorough Review for "Non-League, ESP/Wall"


Jan 15, 2015
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Review of Non League ESP/Wall (CS:GO)

To begin with, I have actually purchased from Jimster480 in the past, many years ago in 1.6 to play in CAL league. It worked great back then and the quality of his releases have always been top notch. But i'll assure you that i'm definitely not being biased and i'm writing an honest review!

For those of you who are deciding whether or not to purchase this cheat for whatever reason, I can say that at least from my play through of the Non-League, ESP/Wall only features that it's spot on and well worth the price. I have tried many of the other products offered by other sites and they are just not as efficient, more difficult to install and especially uninstall (some require full windows reinstallation just for security) and everything has been running great (No errors/crashes/FPS loss).

To those who are skeptical, I also have played in MM numerous times, one after the other and have had no problems, and no complaints of people calling you a cheater as the ESP provides you with just enough information so that you still actually have to play carefully and look very legit.

I plan to purchase the multi feature cheat after my 1 month subscription as I have no opinion on the aim assistance and then update my testimonial. As for now, i'm enjoying the ESP and if you are a player that has good aim, or don't want to risk messing around with aimbot settings constantly to look legit, then i'd say the ESP/wall package is perfect. If you would like my opinion on the multi cheat, feel free to come back later :)

Customer service:
I find that the site may be a bit understaffed but I can tell they are working hard, and trying their best to be able to satisfy the needs of all the customers. The fact that Jimster480 handles a lot of the assistance is great and really shows that he wants to have a good relationship with his customers, and be able to provide a quality product. The other admins/mods have also been especially helpful and tend to respond quite fast. Compared to other sites that I won't name, I have seen them even BAN some PAYING customers just because they don't understand it the first time around. Sorry, but not everyone is versed in cheating/hacking whatever and each computer may have their own problems that need to be solved individually. Patience is key, especially when you are trying to sell your product and earn money off it. I find that everyone is treated with respect here and that shows a lot.


Not many cons but I would like to add that every now and then the "Distance" feature sometimes shows an error every now and then in which the distance will be displayed (ex. 53) but then have some additional string attached to it that makes it a bit annoying. It only happens every now and then and may just be due to my own mistake in either launching or what not but definitely not a reason to avoid purchasing the product.

I find some of the visual features to be not needed such as the "XX" but i'm not really sure exactly what the purpose of that is yet as I just like to display the "HP" and it seems to play the same role as the "XX", so correct me if I find it unnecessary.

TLDR; Great product, stable, reliable and efficient. Highly recommend purchasing this especially if your account is very valuable (skins, games etc) and you don't want to lose them or have a bad history.
Cons: Just some features I find unecessary but it doesn't cause any problems and pretty much me nitpicking at small details.

Hope you enjoyed the review and thank you for reading. Cheers! :D
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Dec 20, 2014
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best review man :)

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