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Oct 30, 2018
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I've been using the cheat for almost a month, I personally don't like the cheat, it's quite pricey for the features it has.

I'd give the legit bot a 7/10, it's probably the best part of the cheat, however it can be inconsistent. The RCS is absolutely horrible though, it doesn't actually compensate for recoil, it just pushes your crosshair down, that's why I knocked it down 3 points. The legitbot does shine the most on pistols tbf, as it makes clean headshots easy.

I'd give the visuals a 3/10, the visuals are extremely basic, there's no chams like other cheats and they also don't scale properly, by scale I mean that the boxes change size, making it hard to predict where enemys are even with wallhacks on sometimes, the dlights work okay, but they aren't a replacement for chams, they're just not as good.

I'd give the triggerbot a 5/10, I hardly used it but when I did it worked fine, not many issues here, just an average triggerbot.

Overall I'd give the cheat a 4/10, I'd give it a 5 if it was priced more fairly, obviously this is my opinion and I don't want to shit talk the cheat, maybe this will give buyers the perspective of someone who didn't really enjoy the cheat.

Anyways I don't plan on using this again, in my opinion there are much better Legit cheats, that are the same price, have a lower detection rate and have many more features, I'm not going to name these cheats as I don't want to refer people away from this site, as the staff are very nice people.


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Apr 11, 2011
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I appreciate your feedback.

However there are definitely not any cheats with better detection rates. There are many brand new sites that straight up lie about how long they have been around or how long they have been undetected; but there isn't a site with truly better detection rates. We have actually had a cheat for 8 years now and 95% of cheat sites on the market today haven't existed for 8 years, let alone provided any cheat for 8 years.
RCS is not even close to "absolute trash". With the right settings your recoil will be perfect. As far as "pushing the crosshair down" this is what every cheat does. Just most don't show on your screen since they are using silent 3d Aimbots.
I'm also not sure how having a full service triggerbot that is actually a triggerbot makes it a 5/10. I know that we don't have "magnet trigger" but that is because that feature is literally just using the Aimbot in the triggerbot section. It's not actually a "feature". The same outcome can be achieved with a different combination of settings.

Visuals not scaling properly? This maybe sometimes only applies to box esp depending on your settings ingame VS cheat settings. However we have multiple esp feature that other cheats do not have such as:
1. Single pixel esp with blending for Streaming.
2. XESP for people who want minimal information to play more legit.
3. Dynamic lighting with auto brightness leveling to help you see better but also to only give you tips about players approaching (depending on settings).
4. List ESP that provides detailed information about players general whereabouts for ultimate legit play. (there are 4 combinations afforded with list esp, from visible to non visible, team or not team, and on screen or off screen or both)
5. Entity esp for determining VIPs, loot in Danger Zone, bomb carrier, bomb location, sidearm weapon.

I will consider making a 100% auto scaling feature in the future for the box esp.

Sorry to see you go, I hope you find the cheat you are looking for.
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