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Mar 14, 2017
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Your questions may have been answered before. Take a look on this FAQs first before creating a post of your own. This is a compilation thread of all the frequently asked questions for non-subscribers only. For VIP Users, please proceed here: https://leaguecheats.com/categories/vip-section.3/ .
If you have additional questions, create a post here: https://leaguecheats.com/threads/faq-frequently-asked-questions.7322/#post-54564

  • What does LeagueCheats support?

  • Does it support FaceIT?
We only support FaceIT on server side anti-cheat not Client anti-cheat. Meaning if you are forced to use ant-cheat client (requires download), you cannot use LC.​

  • Why is it expensive?
We are not the cheapest company on the market. You pay for a higher quality product which we will provide to you every day. Quality over quantity, because security is a key to play safe.​

  • Is the cheat hard to configure?
At first it is especially for users who have used other cheat providers with a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface). We believe that one-click cheats are easier to detect. Despite being tricky to use, users and guides will help you. You will get used to the cheat in no time.​

  • If you are going to give 2 features that will separate LeagueCheats from other competitors, what would it be?
2-D Aimbot & Security. To be honest, there are a lot more features that makes LC better. This is the big one, Unlike our competition if you can call it that as we stand alone in the market. LeagueCheats strives to be the best, strongest and most sophisticated cheat on the market designed 100% around legit play and your styles. Many cheats are one size fits all however we here at LeagueCheats do not believe in this concept, we never have and never will.​
You can see more of this on https://leaguecheats.com/wiki/csgo-cheats/ . You can also check the testimonials​

  • Where can I see testimonials?

  • What is 2-D Aimbot?
This aimbot simulates a real person's cursor movements unlike competitors who uses invalid angles. This makes it harder to get detected even in 128 tick servers.​

  • One size fits all?
A. One size fits all is a myth and not what this cheat is designed around, absolutely everyone is different. Recoil strength, aim zones. Aim keys for each individual weapon and hit boxes. Please understand this is not a two second click through a menu and perfectly configured.​
B. We have tons of guides and a fantastic community willing to help everyone set up the cheat and share configs, users also post their configs to share. If you don't want to use these steps we understand if you want us to build a config for you we as staff will be more then happy to do it for you, however we do charge to build it for you. It does take up time for us to do so.​

  • When was the last detection/how many times?
Public Version:
Private Version:
Never Detected​

  • What is the difference between Private Cheats and Public Cheats?
Private cheats are hardly detected and has the highest security. Which means you have a unique build, thus more expensive.​
Public cheats are still hardly detected, but still has an acceptable level of security. Unlike private cheats, you share builds with multiple users, thus making it less expensive. (Law of Supply and Demand)​
This is when LeagueCheats enters, we provide the highest security for a public release cheats that can be almost comparable to a private cheat. This gives LeagueCheats an edge over many competitors.​

  • What is LC 3.0?
LC 3.0 is the next project of Leaguecheats which will provide more support on Leagues including FaceIT and the likes. You can get more details here and look for Pro League Version: https://leaguecheats.com/wiki/anti-cheat-support/

  • How can I sign up for LC 3.0/Private Cheats?



https://leaguecheats.com/wiki/custom-cheats/ (You have to build the trust first; 3 months customer/subscriber)​

  • What are other cheats you provide?

We will soon add more games in the near future after 3.0 Project has finished.​

  • Is account sharing possible?

Account Sharing and Subscription Sharing is never tolerated. Subscription is only licensed for one user.​

  • Do you have HWID Lock?

No. You pay for quality and security we do protect our cheats in many different ways. We have IP lock system instead of easily bypassable HWID lock system. If you are using VPN or you have dynamic IP address it will result in you getting a temporary restriction on the account, it takes us as staff a few moments to remove and get you back up and running. (Open a Ticket, We are fast to reply usually it take up to ~15 minutes)​

  • Do you offer refunds?

We do not issue refunds for any other reason but there is a hardware/software Incompatibility, This will be inspected and verified by a staff member if it happens to be the case we will gladly issue a full refund.​

  • Do you offer insurance?

We do offer insurance on VAC Bans/Untrusted Bans. This does not include manual bans (overwatch ban, league manual ban, anti-cheat client ban). Subject to investigation. We will be transparent to everyone. No lies and cover ups.​

Insurance will be provided for an additional monthly payment or for those who have purchased 3 months and above subscription. LeagueCheats will provide a brand new CS:GO game. We do believe that this will be a rare occurrence or totally won't happen at all. Security will always be our utmost priority.​

For more details about the terms and conditions, check here: https://leaguecheats.com/threads/the-cold-hard-facts.5634/
  • Do you have free trials?

We never issue free trials. The only way you can try is buy a 1 month subscription, but we do offer sales and discounts from time to time.​
  • How active is the community?


Very active. Response time 1-15 mins​


We all have lives here as staff. We work every single ticket. No one is forgotten. We will respond at a maximum of 24 hours. We have never had a ticket go longer then a few hours without a response. Our staff is very internationally placed. (US/Canada/Poland/Germany/Middle East/Thailand/Philippines). Someone is always on.​

  • What is Trusted Group?

Trusted Group users helps manage the operation of the LC Community. They are the ones most likely to be upgraded to Staff.​

  • Why can't I see a lot of sections?

Some sections are limited to VIP Members only. Once you have an active VIP Membership, sections will be automatically be unlocked.​

  • Do you support many Languages?

Yes, we are a diverse community. Members will be more that welcome to help you.​

The site also supports multi-language. You can check it out here:​

Scroll down to the bottom page and you will see what you are looking for.​


If you have more questions, please do not comment your questions bellow. Write a new post here:


For Multi Language Support, create a post here:

https://leaguecheats.com/forums/pre-sales/ and make sure your title says your LANGUAGE/NATIONALITY

For example: [BRAZIL] Questions about payment

Some questions and answers are all been taken from the Pre-Sale Page and @Virus1x 's post: https://leaguecheats.com/threads/the-cold-hard-facts.5634/

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