LeagueCheats Q1 Update

Hi all,

I realize it has been a while since we have issued any formal update news here. Lots has been going on behind the scenes and there are some new products being prepared to launch. However plenty has been going on with CSGO. Recently CSGO has regained lots of popularity and we are seeing old names and faces return after years of hiatus!
While we love to see old faces we also want to keep players who are just returning to the game updated with useful information about the state of the game and cheating today even with Legit CSGO Cheats and especially using a Legit CSGO Aimbot.
Valve has brought VACNet down on top of CSGO Cheats in general but haven't really made changes for CS1.6 Hacks or CS:S Aimbot (probably because those games aren't very popular).

So what does this mean for me you ask? Be Careful with Aimbot & Triggerbot Features.
Care to Elaborate? Valve is now tracking aim movements, acceleration of your mouse and angles, measures angles, measures reaction times, hit spots, shot times, etc.

What has LeagueCheats done to make me safe? We have implemented an entire new system of calling and management that doesn't allow valve to track any of the functions that we may use or read from. However there is no way to prevent them from measuring angle movements directly or the speed at which you shoot a round vs when someone is visible (reaction times). Therefore if reaction times are suspicious Valve may still flag you.
There are more updates in the pipeline which will help customers stay safe over time but these are difficult to develop since it depends on play style. For now best thing is to not use things such as Triggerbot or Auto shoot and make sure to use RandomSpot (at as high of a setting as you can bare) and make sure to not use things like Mouse1 for Aimbot.

I've heard Source2 Is coming out, is that planned to be supported? Yes. No new updates will be rolled out in the next couple weeks (unless necessary) as we are looking into what it will take to upgrade it to source2. Once Source2 version comes out I will work as fast as possible to upgrade everything to support the new version.
In the Meantime I am going to work on my testing methods and improve the loader in anticipation of the coming versions and the possibility that injections may be different.

I hope to have more frequent updates about the Legit CSGO Cheats and the overall site in general in the near future. I undertook a huge project last year of moving and have still not caught up with all my work since that time.

Happy Cheating!
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