Hey all,
A CSGO SERVER Update today enabled PVS on all CS:GO servers
The range of ESP will be forever restricted now (unless valve failed in implementing PVS).

This was not a game update that "broke cheats" and there is no offset update.
I will release an update to cap the range of the ESP to avoid the "floating entities" that valve seems to be sticking in there to affect cheat users as some have supported.
Valve has been going HAM so it makes sense.
some people say it can be bypassed. Like in the past. But i have no clue ^^
Yep, the Mojo guy apparently already "has" bypass, lmfao.
A clueless motherfucker that should have released his cheat 1 month ago, but a "VAC Update destroyed his cheat".
It wasn't ever bypassed in the past? People did far esp with sound markers but that has been long detected.
But new update with close esp make you more legit :) now you can't ambush all tero boys coming with bomb in site b or a or whatever :D:Y:X:QSG:AS
Hes the biggest joke around. Literally no idea what he is doing.
It would reduce the distance at which they work.
It would reduce the distance at which they work.