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Jul 30, 2020
Dear Cheaters :D
anyone who is interested in purchasing an HL1 (CS1.6) cheat for gameguard, comment in this thread..
@Jimster480 jimster said "if the cheat has enough demand, he will code a cheat for gameguars once again.
just comment here anything.. and PLEASE, no shitty attitude, only if u want it.
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I play a regular cs 1.6 game on steam, I bought all sorts of dlls that were promised to be undecoded by wargods and they were either fake or detected by wargods. At the moment is there any hack for cs 1.6 steam on your platform to not detect wargods when scanning? If so, are there any instructions for this? I am waiting for an answer as soon as possible, I have 3 friends who are interested like me.
People keep messaging me about this every week. I know that people are interested. I have just been swamped with catching up on everything since my move last year.
Hi all. Please tell me how soon this miracle of programming will appear? We've been waiting for over a year now. I would like to buy your cheat as soon as possible and destroy the fast-cup. Sincerely, cheaters