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    Hey all,
    It was a busy weekend! Lots of website improvements, aswell as Cloudflare DDoS Protection being enabled.
    Server upgrades and software upgrades!

    Addietionally as of this morning the Non-League CSGO Multihack has been released.
    The pricing is the same as the League ESP edition (60 Eur/3 Mo) or $75.
    Also the pricing tables for the non-league ESP have been completed, aswell as yearly Options enabled again (at a decent discount too).

    Also there are updates for the CSGO Multi Cheats (league/non-league), small change in the Aimbot (improvement in algorithm) and a small adjustment to the menu to make it look cleaner, and a small adjustment to the nesting of options. Also there was a small change to the protection mechanism that should address some crashing issues, while also increasing protection for some.

    Attached to this post is a new Font that I am demoing for the cheats. If you are interested in using it just download it, install it and Set the font in your settings. The font is called Sony Sketch EF.

    A pic is included below of the cheats with this font.


    New Pricing Page (for USD Prices):



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