1. Deggyy55


    Hello Guys ! :D Mouse with refresh 125 hz is the best option fot LC ?
  2. Xuniku

    Monitor help xd

    http://www.samsung.com/my/monitors/gaming-s25hg50/ or https://zowie.benq.com/en/product/monitor/xl/xl2411p.html . I like the samsung because of the design , any opinion guys ?
  3. L

    logitech 403 wireless problems

    anyone using logitech mouse that I have and having similar problems? Thinking about getting a wired zowie mouse or something since it fucking flips 180 degrees up in the air more often these last days.
  4. Get_Right


    hyperex pulsefire or Razer Deathadder Essential
  5. kent5k

    Mouse problem

    With raw input 0, (needed for aimbot) When moving the mouse very slowly, it stops , or barely moves . like reverse mouse acceleration. any1 know a fix?
  6. Dexter Morgan

    What mouse do you use?

    Hey guys, when playing with LC on, i usually play 3 Ingame and 250 dpi, the problem is that i cant seem to find any mouse that can go 250 DPI :D And if i lower ingame sens and do higher dpi, then the aimbot start being to slow and shaky... Any idea on a mouse/fix for my issue?
  7. cutiecat

    Getting new PC and peripherals really soon.. (1 month or so)

    Hey guys, so yeah I'm getting a new computer and all that good stuff bc mine right now is pretty bad. When I first bought LC i ran into a problem where my mouse would freak out when raw input was turned off, I literally tried everything. It was not LCS fault, i know that but it was kinda...
  8. elwin1000

    New mouse

    Hello. I wanna buy new mouse, and i have a question :D How zowie EC1-A working with LC and how SS rival working with LC ! Regards!