1. cameron yelverton

    Help with upgrading my pc

    I would love some help upgrading my pc to a good spec if you would like to help me? If you want to help you can add me on skype @yelviegaming12369. Only thing I know about my PC is that GPU is a AMD radeon hd 6450 and my CPU AMD a4 7300. I know i have ddr3 8 gigs of ram. My main board...
  2. baronkp

    How many months total?

    Hei Bois, Is there any way to see how many months total, you had subscription? Could be retarded question, but searched for a long time, without luck.. Sorry in advancewixSanicwixSanic
  3. S

    How many times have you been OW :>

    So this hack is great for raging kek Been OW 2 times Once in casual :dodgy: other midgame raging against mges kek Had a total of 4 accounts OW you? :D