1. Q

    shortcut must be on destkop?

    hello i have one answer guys. I want to inject lc on lan tournament. I have shortcut - this shortcut must be on desktop? or can i put this to the same folder with cheat?? Why on all guides(lan inject guides), you tell to give shortcut on desktop??
  2. denizrz

    How steam launches the game?

    I made shortcut with D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\steam.exe -applaunch 730 -game, face it anti cheat injects to game. Where i can find shortcut that steam launches actuly cs go or game icon.
  3. E

    Legit Settings?

    Right now i'm playing games in LE and LEM yesterday i won 3 games with no suspicion besides one guy called me smurf but today one guy said i was toggling a lot ( was on the whole time ) and another thought I was triggering even though I wasn't but plan 2. Can u guys tell me your legit settings?