1. Whityeee

    script on ac face it

    Hi, i have just a question, ahk script on ac face it are instant ban ? i have a humanised script but i'm afraid to use it :/ sorry for my english my friend !
  2. K

    Script? Move shoot - sniper

    Hey, I'm just sondering the following. I used to play a game where you would be able to shoot perfect with snipper while walking. So what i did is make a macro on my mouse, so that i would press walk right before actually shooting. So in this way you can just run zoomed in and whenever you shoot...
  3. Fearre

    AHK help for h1z1

    Anyone have some better knowledge than myself with auto hot keys, I am trying to make a no recoil script for h1z1, and only struggling a little. I copy pasted a basic no recoil script for csgo but I'm having trouble customizing it for h1.
  4. HyperAim

    [LoL] Instant Recall Exploit

    Hi guys, As you probably know, there is an instant recall exploit currently (  Here's a quick AHK script I wrote to replicate it almost 100% of the time.  First, you need  Then, download the script and run it.  By default, the...