1. LeiseBrödler

    [Report-Bots] What is your opinion/experience?

    Hey! As some of you might have noticed (or know), Valve is more and more concerned to patch Report-Bots but are not working on the Anti-Cheat obviously :D I´ve been using some public reportbots so far - tested some of them with 10 private accounts and reported one of the accounts continuesly...
  2. Jon18

    Best reportbot

    Whats the best reportbot? Both public and private, I really need one.
  3. Thomisk

    Valve fixed reportbots

    Oh my god,matchmaking will be more dead,than it ever was. Valve fixed reportbots as i read. Spinbotters with rage cheats will be everywhere. :P Well,but LC will destroy them all,even when they have rage cheats. But rip legit guys on nonprime. xD