1. Beserker


    Never mess with Gaben (unless you use LC) http://prntscr.com/jyncwl http://prntscr.com/jyncvc You should have used LeagueCheats...
  2. Thomisk

    (Off-topic) Do you guys know some sort of legit site,where I can store my items ?

    Well, we are all using a LC here and most of all has been using lc on their main accounts. I trust LC so much,that I do that too. But you know,like i wanna feel even more safe,when I have high valued skins on my inventory and I kinda wanna just store it somewhere,where I can retrieve it again to...
  3. Get_Right


    hi guys i want to buy skin using opskins but i dont have two-factor authentication code i forgot this code idk... what i need to do? anyone know?
  4. stfn

    This is what you get from a 10Dollar Case

    fuck opskins-_- https://gyazo.com/2800b4d8f1fec93243a5dab260c328f9