1. Oliver

    New PC !

    Hey guys this is the new PC i'm gonna buy within 6 month so i want to know what do you guys think about it. I mind to stream, launch my youtube channel actively and of course ( play faceit :( ).
  2. Xuniku

    Monitor help xd or . I like the samsung because of the design , any opinion guys ?
  3. Xuniku

    LAN - Need help .

    Recently I went to my first lan and well yea I didn't know PC's at lan were shit . Well basically I set up my csgo , put res to 1280 x 960 but it feels very laggy but when I see other players who uses 1280 x 1024 looks smooth as hell and when they alt tab the native also is 1280 x 1024 . So...
  4. ZULUL

    What kind of monitor

    Hey guys, was thinking about buying a new monitor should i buy the asus vg248qe . Does it offer good value for the money? Or do you have any other suggestions? I have a nvidia gtx 1060 6gb I've heard about a few benq monitors but i am not quite sure which one to get when i am on a budget.
  5. enaldie


    Hello,as you can see I am not VIP,because my 6 y.o. laptop cannot even run CSGO xD,but if you help me build a new PC,I will be a sub 100%(in January). I just want to ask if this build is COMPATIBLE and how many FPS can I get on CSGO+LC soft with this poor build. And some PC experts here can...
  6. sonofgod

    Monitor question.

    Hello ppl i have a question. :) Today me presented Acer GN246HL 144hz. My PC is low and max fps 100 and down 80 :( So there is a sense use new monitor with it PC ? there will be an advantage ?