1. rKZ

    faceit AC can detect logitech scripts?

    faceit AC can detect logitech scripts? recoil m4 - AK
  2. chimichangas

    Using a macro from a logitech to another mouse

    So I read something about that u can plug in a logitech, make a macro and script it trough the scripter in the logitech software and then use another mouse (Let`s say SteelSeries rival 100) with that macro. Does anyone here know about something like this?
  3. alchenda

    Having some trouble with my logitech mouse

    I have a logitech g700s mouse and want to be able to bind things to my mouse 4 and mouse 5, but can't. Even in the logitech mouse program I haven't found anything to the set the functions back to their normal functions are just to simply act as "mouse 4" and "mouse 5". Thanks to anyone that can...