1. Frazzor


    Hello mates! Would like to join or even create a team for ESL tournaments.. Any ppl interested?
  2. image

    H1Z1 KOTK cheat [31 slots remaining]

    ok guys please read correctly and don't post any reply unless it's asking for a slot so minster can get an idea wether this would work or not, I discussed a price with @Jimster480 and for him to do this for any cheaper would be a complete waste of his time. Ok so there aren't many good h1z1...
  3. Protsctao


    Hi guys, I just bought VIP and wanted to get an lc team together to compete in the ECS open qual! If anyone is interested, reply xD Peace and <3
  4. S

    Minecraft Client Sided Anticheat by ESL If something is made for this I will be sure to be the first ever purchaser of this Legit cheat for Minecraft! I know this may look stupid but I know the DEV is a god and this should be an easy project for him maybe at a time when you are bored and have nothing...
  5. N

    Looking for people to cheat with

    Hi there guys, I am interested in playing together with some of you more like on competitive. I guess it will be fun to play with fellow cheaters. So yeah. Just pm me your steamid's if you want so. I have just got 3rd level on my new account so yeah.