1. Get_Right

    about new pc

    im looking for a new pc and need help. should i buy 1 - CPU (intel) GPU (nvidia) 2 - CPU (intel) GPU (amd) 3 - CPU (amd) GPU (amd) 4 - CPU (amd) GPU (nvidia)
  2. Hantoszi55

    i7 7700k

    Hello guys, I have a question for u (i have a motherboard with socket 1151 so i dont want AMD) Is it true about big temperatures on i7 7700k with or without OC? Coz im interested about this cpu if it's true with cpu can u recommend me? I was thinking about i7 6700k I tried to google it but...
  3. G

    i7 950 vs AMD FX-6300?

    Which is best? On CPUBOSS, the AMD is best..But in reality isent the intel on better for gaming?
  4. Xuniku

    PC parts help !

    Hello Community ! Im looking for PC Specs that support LC single threaded mode and can play CSGO at all high settings + high fps . Budget Currently 1000$ .
  5. 1337xLeague

    New PC - What Specs you would change and why?

    Since Im looking atm for a new PC, what do you would chang at this: